The Bees Knees: Bruce Jenner

16 Jan

You may know Bruce Jenner as the Olympic athlete who won the hearts of Americans when he reclaimed the decathlon gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. This moment in sports history changed the status of athletes from amateurs to superstars overnight. After becoming the face of Wheaties, Bruce knew his life would never be the same.

Having recently become addicted to “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Bruce has been a regular in our home. So naturally I thought I needed to know more about the man who has had a couple of face-lifts, ten kids, and has the wackiest hair around.

I found out a lot about Bruce Jenner. But most importantly I found out that in 1980 his first marriage fell apart. But Bruce wasn’t concerned. because he knew he served a greater purpose in life. One day he hoped to father stud-muffin Brody Jenner, and make a cameo in Murder She Wrote.

Thankfully the early 80’s were very kind to him and both of his dreams came true. 1983 marked the birth of his beef-cake son Brody, and 1985 brought him and Angela Landsbury together in the groundbreaking episode of Murder She Wrote titled “Sudden Death”.

So I’d like to award our first Bees Knees award to Bruce Jenner. For boldly chasing his dreams, meeting Jessica Fletcher, and always having the craziest hair in Television. Bruce Jenner.

Bruce Jenner, you are The Bees Knees!


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