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Slumber Party! Who who who is the special guest?

29 Nov

Reacharound Episode 6 from Joel Kelly on Vimeo.

Spotted. The girls from The Reacharound having a pyjama party. Matters up for discussion. Does Amy have more to do with Gossip Girl then we think? Does Sarah have an abundance of experience with hookers in bus stations? And does Sylvia have a secret she needs to share with the group?

Looks like this slumber party is about to get exciting.

xoxo The Reacharound



Is Gossip Girl really filmed in Oklahoma?

16 Nov

The Reacharound – Episode 4 from Joel Kelly on Vimeo.

Spotted. Juliettes brother using the free payphone AND texting from jail. Did Little Wayne teach him nothing? Looks like the cast of The Reacharound knows a thing or two more about the prison system then you would think. Sticks and stones may break your bones…but dictionaries will surely hurt you.

Our Plea to Joe Zee

15 Nov

Reacharound Episode 5 from Joel Kelly on Vimeo.

Spotted. The girls on the couch dishing on their celebrity run-ins. One to note in particular is everyone’s favourite man of fashion Mr. Joe Zee. Sylvia and Joe had a brief exchange on the twitters leaving little S all high on her horse.

Will Joe Zee make these girls dreams come true by once again acknowledging their presence? Or will he leave little S clinging to fond memories only found in her virtual past?

xoxo The Reacharound